How Much Does This Cost?

Concrete Floor Coating Cost Breakdown



How much for a 3 car garage?

We UNDERSTAND pricing is very important in the decisions you make for your home. Unfortunately, every PROJECT is so unique. We’ve figured out the best way to give you the best experience and accurate price is to have one of our floor coating professionals come out for a free consultation to explain the install process, access your space and provide you with an accurate, detailed proposal. All we ask is for 30 minutes of your time!

What is your per square foot cost?

At the end of that no-hassle, no obligation visit, our floor coating professional will give you a final price that is good for 30 Days.

Can I just get a ballpark price?

That final price is not just how much per square foot.. There are a number of aspects that can affect your final price.

Concrete Floor Coating Cost Variables

Size Of Area

It goes without saying that the larger a space is, the more coating will be needed and the more time it will take to coat it. Our specialist will measure all the areas you wish to have coated and calculate the total square footage.

Concrete Slab Condition

Most concrete we inspect has at least one flaw. It can be a crack, pitting, peeling, or lifting. Each floor is unique, but any damage needs to be repaired before we can get started on the coating. Generally, the older the floor is, the more work will be needed to make it ready. Not to worry though, most projects are still completed in just 1 day, even with repair work!


Moisture can impact the adhesion and durability of the coating: Excess moisture in the substrate can prevent the coating from properly bonding to the surface, leading to premature failure and the need for reapplication

Coating Removal

Have you (or a previous owner) coated the space with an epoxy coating, or had a contractor in to do so? Unfortunately we usually find that these coatings are already peeling, flaking, and coming apart. DIY products from the home improvement store in particular tend to be more difficult to apply correctly—and far less durable!—than advertised. Just like damaged concrete, damaged coatings will need to be removed before we apply a new proprietary Level 10 Coating.

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