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Basement floor coatings transform your basement into a beautiful, functional space. Is it time to have the family room of your dreams? What about a game room or a gym? Don’t let that space go to waste—Call the floor coating professionals at LEVEL 10 Coatings to discuss basement floor coatings in Crown Point, IN.

Why Are Basement Floor Coatings in Crown Point, IN, a Popular Choice?

Epoxy basement floor coatings are tried and tested products that come in a wide range of colors, design options, and formulations. They add both visual appeal and functionality to a space and are popular for the following reasons:


Epoxy is a robust substance with extremely high scratch and water resistance. With professional installation, these coatings can last for 15 years or longer in the typical residential setting. What’s more, they will maintain their looks until the end of their natural lifespan.


A primary concern with concrete is how quickly it soaks up any spilled liquid. The result is a surface that, while durable, stains easily. Epoxy is impermeable, meaning that the liquid never reaches the substrate. While we recommend cleaning spills as soon as possible, they will sit on the surface until you get to them.


As an ancillary benefit to epoxy’s waterproof qualities, these basement floor coatings are also seamless. There is, therefore, no space for mildew, mold, or pathogens to hide. Also, as the epoxy seals the concrete and any cracks in it, there is no damp, dark environment in which mold can shelter.

Won’t Warp or Flake

You won’t have to worry about cleaning up spills to prevent warping or staining. These floors are easy to wipe clean and will not buckle if you apply too much water. Unlike with floor paint, liquids won’t be able to work their way under the paint and loosen it.

Epoxy stands up well to high temperatures, making it an ideal option if you’re installing a sauna or other highly humid environment.

Easy to Clean

Basement floor coatings make cleaning a breeze. We recommend sweeping or vacuuming away debris regularly and mopping the floor with clean water once a month. We recommend not using cleaning agents unless necessary because the wrong formulation can dull the surface and make it cloudy.

If you find that dirt is more difficult to remove, you can upgrade to a neutral cleaner and soft-bristle brush. You should never, however, use any abrasive agents. Cleaning is faster thanks to the smooth surface.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is virtually non-existent unless you damage the flooring. There is no need to resurface or refinish the surface every few years, like with paint, and maintenance consists of fixing minor scratches and chips.

We also recommend using an epoxy polish every few months to buff out surface scratches. For damage that is more severe, you can use a patch kit to repair it.


Tiles look wonderful but crack easily; wood also has a beautiful appearance but is easy to scratch. Epoxy can not only handle heavy weight, but it is very difficult to damage. Its strength makes it ideal if you are turning your basement into a workshop, as dropping tools will not damage the protected surface.

Enhances the Concrete

The epoxy sinks into the concrete’s pores, hardening it before it seals it off. This improves the tensile strength of the concrete, allowing you to wait longer before replacing it.

Say, for example, that your slab has some small cracks and several stains. You might believe that you have to refinish it. However, with the right epoxy formulation in a variety of colors, no one will ever know.


Concrete is not a comfortable flooring option; it is hard underfoot and cold in winter. Basement floor coatings are slightly flexible and provide a cushion underfoot. They also provide a layer of insulation against the cold, which is beneficial when you want to use your basement in winter.


Is your basement a little dark and gloomy? Improve safety by installing a light coating with reflective elements, which will reflect the light from the existing lamps and enhance the space’s brightness.

Epoxy can be slippery if the floor is wet, but we can counteract this simply by adding aggregate to the mix. The aggregate instantly improves traction making the floor slip-resistant.


Where epoxy flooring comes into its own is in how versatile it is. No other flooring material is as customizable as epoxy. You can add the following to enhance the look and function of your basement floor coating:

  • Vinyl flakes
  • Metallic elements
  • Mica, quartz, and other reflective elements
  • Pigments
  • Aggregate
  • Sand
  • Pebbles

Incorporating these additives allows us to recreate the look of expensive stone, add your team’s logo, or even create a custom design set on the floor.

No two floors are ever exactly alike since we cast the decorative elements by hand. If you are planning to sell your home in the next 10 to 15 years, we recommend considering a more generic look.

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