The Benefits of a Slip-Resistant Coated Garage or Basement Floor

Most facilities, both residential and commercial, can benefit from slip-resistant flooring. Virtually all spaces are susceptible to the high risks associated with a slippery floor. Slip-and-fall accidents often occur because of a wet or dirty floor, uneven surface, or loose, damaged, or unsuitable mats.

Investing in a slip-resistant garage floor coating or basement floor coating goes a long way toward preventing slip and fall accidents. Trust Level 10 Coatings for top-notch slip-resistant coating services throughout Crown Point, IN, and the surrounding areas.

We take pride in the quality of our products and services and go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. In this post, we discuss slip-resistant coatings and the benefits of installing these coatings on your garage or basement floor.

What Are Slip-resistance Coatings?

Most flooring options exhibit slip-resistant properties when dry. However, contact with water, oil, dust, or solvents can substantially reduce traction, and that’s where slip-resistant coatings come in.

These coatings often include additives such as sand or crushed minerals that help to increase traction and reduce slipperiness. Floor coating installers usually mix the aggregates with the top layers of your floor coating, spreading them with enough depth to withstand wear and tear.

Slip-resistant coatings come in various textures and finishes designed to reduce slippage and prevent accidents.

Benefits of Slip-resistant Coated Garage of Basement Floors

Slippery floors pose a danger, especially in the presence of oil and other liquids. Textured, slip-resistant coatings protect against a broad range of hazardous floor conditions in your residential or commercial garage or basement. Benefits of these coatings include:

Enhanced Safety

Slip-resistant coatings increase your floor’s friction coefficient to avoid spills and falls. The added traction helps protect those within the property from slipping and falling when on the premises.

Extended Life

Non-skid coatings typically enhance your floor’s durability. The extra layer of floor coating on your basement or garage floor protects the underlying surface from general wear and tear and erosion.

Resistance to Chemicals, Oils, and Fuels

Slip-resistant coatings resist various harmful substances that may damage your flooring. You can simply wipe off spilled oils, fuels, hot tire marks, and chemicals, making cleaning a breeze.


Installing a slip-resistant basement or garage floor coating helps property owners meet legal safety requirements.

Enhanced Productivity

Installing a slip-resistant garage floor or basement coating may increase productivity levels. A slip-resistant coated basement or garage floor has people less worried for their safety and more focused on work.


A slip-resistant coating in a commercial setting offers long-term cost savings. Besides lowering floor maintenance costs, the coating will reduce potential injury claims, promote your business as a safe workplace, and reduce overtime expenses.

Healthier Flooring

Slip-resistant coated flooring may also be healthier than bare wood or concrete floors. These coatings help protect your floor against bacteria buildup, resulting in a healthier space.

Improved Appearance

Slip-resistant coatings come in a range of colors, finishes, and textures that your floor coating contractor can install according to your specific needs.

What Surfaces Work with Slip-resistant Coating?

Slip-resistant coatings or paints work well for various floor types, such as concrete, wood, and metal. These coatings provide added traction in residential and commercial settings.

These coatings also work well for interior and exterior surfaces, creating a visible, textured surface when applied on your floor. They may be clear or colored.

How to Rate a Floor’s Slip-resistance

Slips occur when too little friction or traction exists between footwear or tires and the floor. Experts test a floor’s slip resistance through lab testing and express it in terms of its coefficient of friction (COF) with a value between 0.1 and 1.

The higher the COF, the less slippery the floor. Although some settings may require a higher COF, experts generally recommend a COF of about 0.5. Testing typically occurs when the surface is not just flat and dry but also with water or oil.

Garage Flooring in Crown Point

Looking for a slip-resistant garage coating to keep your garage safe and functional? Look no further than Level 10 Coatings. We specialize in providing high-quality coatings for all kinds of garage spaces.

With so many garage floor epoxy coatings on the market, we’ll help you choose the right one for your needs and budget. Contact us to have your polyaspartic flooring or epoxy floor coatings professionally installed.

Basement Floor Coating in Crown Point

Basement floors require slip-resistant coatings to prevent accidents, as these areas often succumb to moisture buildup and become slippery. A non-slip epoxy basement floor coating makes your surface more resistant to slips and safer to walk on.

Trust Level 10 Coatings to keep your basement safe and secure with top-of-the-range slip-resistant basement coatings. Basement floor paint may help to increase traction but only as a temporary solution.

Our team will assess the condition of your basement floor and recommend the best floor coating option. With our high-quality products, rest assured that your basement will remain slip-resistant for years to come. Don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your basement floor.

Reach out for more about our slip-resistant basement and garage floor coating services and schedule service.

Contact Level 10 Coatings for First-rate Garage Floor and Basement Coating Services

No matter your flooring needs, count on us for the best slip-resistant flooring solutions. Consider our wide range of fully customizable slip-resistant floor coating options when searching for your next flooring solution.

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