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Does your warehouse have a stained, cracked floor that decreases your productivity? Is your garage floor not looking as shiny and great as it once did? Or perhaps you’re eager to get your backyard ready for parties and relaxation with a new pool deck coating?

Whatever you’re looking to do with your property, LEVEL 10 Coatings, a leading concrete coating company in Michigan, can help. For years, we’ve been revitalizing homes and businesses with new and improved flooring surfaces. We offer solutions that are tailored to your unique needs to fit your unique property.

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Michigan Concrete Coating Experts

As property owners, we understand that you likely already have a lot of items on your plate. And the last thing anyone wants to be concerned about is their floor. Unfortunately, when you settle for a flooring service that lacks quality, your floor will quickly erode. This is often the case with DIY coatings or concrete contractors that cut corners to get the job done quickly. In less than a few years, your floor could fall victim to staining, cracking, and peeling.

That’s why you should entrust LEVEL 10 Coatings with your flooring project. Our team uses the highest-quality products to ensure you’re satisfied for years on end. In fact, LEVEL 10 Coatings offers a 5-year warranty for residential services and a 10-year warranty for commercial services.


Benefits of Upgrading Your Floor

Michigan properties can see a lot, especially weather-wise. Epoxy coatings protect any surface, making them a popular flooring option. You’ll quickly discover some of the incredible benefits that come with upgrading your floor.

Easy Maintenance

With other, cheap flooring options, you end up with the short end of the stick. Not only does carpet or tile not look that good, but it requires constant maintenance to make it halfway shine. But when you get epoxy, dirt and moisture can’t penetrate the surface, so you just need to occasionally sweep and mop.

Stain Resistant

You want a floor that’s actively fighting against stains and debris. When we install epoxy coatings, we add a protective top coat that keeps all water, liquids, and chemicals away, so the surface looks good for years.

Safety First

When other floors also get wet, they can get even more slippery. We don’t need to remind you this is a hazard to anyone walking on your floor (especially careless children and people in their 70s). Epoxy has innovative non-slip technology to keep folks safe as they walk across the surface.

Strength for the Michigan Weather

Like we said, the Michigan weather is unpredictable and intense. Vast pressure changes and inclement weather take a toll on surfaces. Protect your Michigan property with a durable epoxy coat that withstands whatever the environment throws its way.

Striking Appearance

You don’t just want a functional property, but you want your property to look good, too. Traditional epoxy coatings have a vivid shine to them to complement your home or business. Plus, we even offer decorative epoxy to give you exactly what you want.

Unique Floors

Speaking of decorative epoxy, we can craft unique floors for you. Between hundreds of colors, designs, and finishes, you’ll be shocked at the limitless options. And with a partner like us, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with your new floor.

Return on Investment

Did you know that a new epoxy coating increases your property value? That means when you’re looking to resell your home or business down the line, you’ll get some extra money because of this smart flooring investment.

LEVEL 10 Epoxy’s Michigan Flooring Services

No matter what your project is, the team at LEVEL 10 Coatings can get the job done. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate an industrial floor or make minor changes to your driveway, we’ve seen it all. Specializing in both commercial and residential flooring, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to deliver the excellence you require.


  • Garage Floors: The garage floor is one of those areas that can succumb to a lot of wear and tear over the years. It’s home to vehicle and foot traffic, abrasions from furniture moving, and cracks because heavy objects fall onto it. Protect your home with an epoxy garage floor coating.
  • Basement Floors: Is your basement a man cave or the perfect place to relax? Or is it a gameroom for the kids? Either way, you can bring your basement to life with an epoxy floor. It’ll add beauty and functionality to your home’s downstairs.
  • Residential Projects: More and more, homeowners are deciding to upgrade their home with an epoxy residential coating. This coating is one of the most versatile options and can be applied virtually anywhere on your home’s property. Make the choice today to improve your house with LEVEL 10 Coatings.
  • Commercial Projects: You want a business building that’s both attractive and functional. Look no further than installing a commercial epoxy floor coating. This will improve productivity on the shop floor and woo potential customers as soon as they walk in the door.

Michigan Service Areas

We service just over the Indiana State Border into Southwest Michigan. Such as New Buffalo, Union Pier, and Three Oaks. Inquire into to see if you are within our Service Area.

Why Choose LEVEL 10 Coatings?

LEVEL 10 Coatings takes pride in exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and a seamless sale & installation process. We aim to deliver the best and longest-lasting flooring solutions that we possibly can at highly-competitive prices. Whether you want to add value to your property or simply improve its look and efficiency, we can help. From commercial to residential flooring, we do it all.

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Reuben Bloker
Reuben Bloker
LEVEL 10 helped me out on a tight timeline project by resurfacing a portion of our factory floor with Epoxy. The staff was friendly, professional, communicated well and worked to my schedule. Thanks a bunch.
Michelle Foley
Michelle Foley
This transformed the look of our garage.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Work was done professionally and completed ontime. Level 10 also arranged a storage pod for temporary storage of garage items during the process to really make it a easy and great experience!
SGS President
SGS President
Basement floor was Epoxy
Jean Sheaffer
Jean Sheaffer
Crayton and tge crew did a first-class job finishing our garage and applying a nes epoxy floor.
judith Park
judith Park
Love my epoxy Garage floor, the guys did a Great job. Floor turn out so good and very pretty , had the garage walls painted also . Everyone seems to think it is an added room to house instead of Garage . Thank you to the ones that did an awesome job
Jennifer Flick
Jennifer Flick
Level 10 did a nice job on our garage floor of our new build. We wanted to protect the concrete before all of the salt from the cars could cause breakdown and spalling, and Level 10 got us in before the weather got too cold. Wish we would have done this sooner. We really love the look of the garage floor! Would definitely recommend!
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