Get a Professional Look for Your Garage with LEVEL 10 Coatings

Garage floor coatings are a popular choice for those who want a professional finish. In this post, the coating experts at LEVEL 10 Coatings explain how you can get the best possible results from garage floor coating in Crown Point, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Professionals for Garage Floor Coatings in Crown Point, IN

Many videos are available of DIY projects and home renovations, making the average person believe they can achieve the same results. However, not all projects are suitable for the DIY enthusiast. While garage floor coatings seem like an easy afternoon’s work, achieving a durable, smooth surface during the installation process is tricky.

Below, we provide several reasons why you should avoid installing a garage floor coating as your next DIY project.

Access to Industrial Products

If you want your coatings in high-traffic areas to last as long as possible, you need to look beyond the epoxy available at your hardware store. DIY kits do not contain the quality epoxy that will last 15 years or more in a typical home garage—only professionals can access that grade of the product. Also, kits come in a limited variety of colors.

Pre-Installation Check

Is there a moisture problem in your garage? There may not be any visible signs of one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Our team uses the best equipment and expertise to diagnose these issues.

If we detect moisture problems, we advise you to repair those before laying epoxy. Under such conditions, even the best product will lift prematurely.

Proper Preparation Is Challenging

The project’s success depends on how well you prepare the floor. We use a diamond grinder to roughen the surfaces and properly open the concrete’s pores. Without this step, the epoxy will not adhere as it should.

We spend most of our time preparing the floor for the garage floor coatings. We repair any surface cracks and imperfections before sanding the floor. We then clean everything thoroughly to ensure nothing will interfere with adhesion.

Flawless Application

In theory, epoxy is a liquid, so it should level itself out. In reality, however, how even it dries depends on how quickly you can apply the epoxy and move it into place. Professionals who apply garage floor coatings every day have this process down to fine art.

Amateurs may battle with pinholes, roller marks, and bubbles from epoxy settings too quickly. In some cases, another layer of epoxy hides the flaws but doesn’t correct the underlying issue.

More drastically, incorrectly mixing in the hardener may result in the floor not setting properly at all, meaning you’ll have to remove the mess and start again.

We often receive frantic phone calls from property owners who tried to apply their coatings, and they end up hiring us for the job. Unfortunately, they not only pay for the kit but also our labor to remove the damaged layer.

Save Time and Money

Many believe DIY options save them money because they undervalue their time. It’s true that you will save some money in the short term by applying the epoxy yourself. If, however, you work on a cost-per-use equation, the landscape changes.

Yes, professional installation costs more, but the product will go on flawlessly and last between 10 to 15 years, depending on traffic. Your regular hardware store’s epoxy usually only lasts one or two years. You then have to remove the old product to lay the new one, assuming everything goes well the first time.

Also, modern formulations available to professionals are move-in ready within 24 hours, while regular epoxy takes days or even weeks to cure.


Your garage floor coating needs should look good for many years. With professional products and installation, this is easy: It’s why experts offer a generous warranty.

DIY options are less effective because they are of lower quality. You are unlikely to find 100% solids epoxy; if you do, it will be a lower grade. It may look good at first, but over time, it will begin to fade and become yellow. It may also become cloudy and brittle, shortening its lifespan.

These lower-quality flooring options spread out more, leaving a thinner layer of protection. Chipping or scratching the surface is relatively easy, even with flawless application. Just like with paint, you’ll find a surface that is delicate and easily damaged. High-quality products from a professional company guarantee a solid coating application that can withstand foot traffic, heavyweight, and spills.

Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A DIY project can give you a feeling of accomplishment when everything goes right. The downside, however, is that there is no recourse if something goes wrong. When that cheap epoxy starts to lift, the homeowner has to spend time and money fixing the issue. To add insult to injury, you have to clean up the mess yourself or pay a professional to do it.

Professionals take pride in offering generous warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something goes wrong, or you do not like the final product, a reputable company will make it right.

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